which social media app should I use for my business?

Which social media app should I use for my business?

WHAT IS WORKING AND WHAT ISN’T WORKING? Read up to the last part to know which is the ALL-TIME BEST marketing strategy.

I used to ask these questions when I started our business many years ago. No one can predict the algorithm of the social media platforms. Each app continuously change their algorithm to ensure that their system works right. What works with others might not work for you. Like, what I have mentioned in my previous blogs. You need to follow those steps to know which social media app to use and invest. If you haven’t read it, you can read it here.

I have created some guidelines based on my experience. I only limited the genders to Male and Female, for simple categorization. Here are my Tips and input about the different social media platforms:


Best for 25 yrs. old and above. (60% female, 40% male) 

Business Pages and community pages are the best way to promote your business organically. If you have money, don’t be afraid to spend it on ads. However, you have to be precise with what you want to achieve.

Tips: Stories and real experience posts can get more clicks than an advertising approach. Connect with your audience.


Best for 16 to 50 years old. (70% female, 30% male).

An aesthetically pleasing page gains more likes and followers. Use a professional account to monitor your post’s performance. Build a shop page for retail business. Follow the #instagrambusiness account for tips and tricks that can help boost your followers.

Tips: Use Canva to create aesthetic posts if you are not a photoshop proficient. To stand out easilystart with your bio. You will need to show what your business is about, how to reach you, and share a little something personal. 

I have just reused my old Instagram account and turned it into my new blog Instagram account. I have just recently started my blog while I am handling my clients social media accounts, and doing my work as a creative director of Webworksdigitalmarketing.com



What is your business?  Blogger

What is my profession? Creative Director

What do I offer?

Digital Marketing

Online Service

What to expect?: #FUN #ENTREPRENEUR #DIY


Best for all ages and all gender.

If you will use this related to your business. It is best to create informative content about your products or services. You can give an in-depth knowledge about your products or services. If your business is service-oriented, don’t be afraid to share your knowledge on how you work.

Tips:  Stick to your niche and plan your regular posting. Creating videos that giveaway tips and tricks on your products get more views and likes. 


Best for 14+, generally female audience.

Women tend to go to Pinterest to look for ideas for content or just something to do over the weekend. If you have something that can add value to a person that targets creativity, this is your type of audience. Bloggers use pinterest to drive traffic to their site.

Tips: Stick to your niche. Aesthetically pleasing pins gets more saves and clicks.


Best for all ages and all gender

What’s trending? Fun? Quick videos to go viral! These are the impression of TikTok. You can use this as one way to expose your product, but this is more favorable to bloggers or influencers.

Tips: Make your videos captivating, take time to edit and use the trending music and hashtags.


Best for 19+ ages of all gender.

Twitter favors influencers, public speakers, coaches. You won’t get much traction here unless your business delivers news, tabloids, or opinions about matters. 

Tips: Use this to link your site or products.

Since you have been patiently reading my article, as promised, here’s the ALL-TIME BEST market strategy for your business.


The best marketing strategy of all time is the word of mouth kind of marketing. You can never go wrong on this one. I have invested my time and energy to gain loyal customers via referrals. If you continue to elevate your system, perfecting your customer service, and deliver your promises. Your satisfied customers will be the ones to do the marketing for you.

I connect to my clients more than selling my products or services. With the technology and tools available to us nowadays, I have maximized the opportunity to help my clients by using a referral system that generates easy links. I have also created reward systems to encourage them to help their businesses.

My takeaway on this? Not all social media marketing works. You’ve got to define your goals and your demographics before doing anything. Follow my easy guidelines, create your business plan, and try to achieve your goals daily. Listen to your customer, get feedbacks, analyze what works, and keep going.

Thank you for reading my blog. If you want me to cover any topic, or if you have questions, please leave a comment below.

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I have started my blogging journey to support my charity, Help the oppressed. I was in a situation where I was oppressed by a powerful organization because of what I stand for. I have lost everything, but I am fortunate to start over and to have the opportunity to help those that are still being oppressed back in my beloved country, the Philippines. We also help people that are oppressed all over the world, but with limited sources, we can only do so much. If you want to donate, you may go directly to HELPTHEOPPRESSED.COM

If you are a victim or wish to report an incident, email us today, Silence is what allows oppression to triumph.
Be Silent No More!
If you are a victim or wish to report an incident, email us today, Silence is what allows oppression to triumph.
Be Silent No More!

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