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Besides doing my skincare line, I am the creative director of a Web Works Digital Marketing company. You may be wondering, what does a creative director do exactly? I am responsible for the look and feel of all of the websites that we create or maintain. I edit content and media kits. I also make media materials that are necessary to make their products or services appealing to their audience or customers.

Before I have become the creative director of web works, I have been a web developer for three years. I maintain and have created websites, but on the side I always find myself enjoying creative works. I am self-taught, and I have learned a lot from trials and errors. I have edited photos almost like a million times. I also did product uploading and setting up standards for easy checklists. I have updated the sites and optimized them regularly. Up until now, I still help with some website maintenance tasks if needed. 

Having said those, I pretty much got the idea of the problems of a start-up company or a striving company faced with their websites. What are those? I’ll share more information on that in my next post. But for now, let’s focus on the services I offer:

  1. Content Writing – I will write content for one specific topic. It could be about anything that you need help to make sure of consistent posting. It could be about your favorite movie or just about anything. For 100 words, I could deliver it within 1 day. 
Content Writing - Blog Post
I get that we need to keep the posting consistently but sometimes we just have a writer’s block or you just want to have more site visit. Blog post is definitely one of the things that helps with SEO. But not just any kind of blog post, it must be strategically done for the best result.
Website content writing
“A website that doesn’t communicate with your customer is simply a plain canvas. “
-Jungko Capuno

Content Creations – involves more work than content writing. I would create content for your site. It would take at least 4-7 days delivery and involves a more in-depth knowledge of you or your company. It is important to me that I represent you or your company like how you would like it. 

I also create visual banners, pop-ups, newsletters, or other media materials that you need in order to catch your customer’s attention. 

To know more click here.

Content Creation for your social media or website services offerd by hello life
So Now that you have your website ready, content checked what about the visual promotions?
I must say that this is one of my favorite thing to do! Just send me an email so we can start working.
  • Persuasive Reviews – It is hard to compel people to leave you a review when they don’t see any on your site. So I offer this to encourage people to start leaving reviews on your site or about your product. It could be on any platform. But I only leave genuine positive reviews.
Product Review Service offered by Hello Life
Hmmm… Products credibility requires persuasive reviews to encourage other customers to give review.
If you acquire this service then I will have to test your product. Send me an email for further information.
  • Social Media Management- Having troubles creating content or creating posts regularly? I could create engaging content for you. One post needs a targeted description.
Social Media Management service offered by Hello Life
Focus more on the quality of your services or perfect your formula or recipe to create outstanding products. Let me worry about this part.
  • Media Kit Creation – Stood out among your competitors when sending proposals to other merchants. Or when presenting your product profile.
Services offered by Hello Life Media Kit Creation
Want to stand out when presenting your services or products? Then just comment down below.
  • Product Photography –  Want to sell your product? How can you sell a product that doesn’t look good? Well, I could do the trick for you by doing the photography and do minor edits to be presented on a white background or another background if you prefer that.
Photography for products offered by Hello Life
One way to capture your customer is to have a nice presentation of your products.
  • Website Development – I can create your website but, I have my partners to do this for you. You can check our site here.

Just Starting your business? I am open to discussions, just send me an email at

Thank you for reading my blog.

Don’t forget to there is always a solution to your problems!

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