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To build your own website, or hire a web developer? If you are making your own, where should you start?

I have met someone new, a lovely lady who aspires to start her own business by offering insurance, earn money, and have a comfortable life. As I was telling her about what I do, she suddenly asked me, in the future, if I need to build my own website, can I just use WIX or Squarespace to create my website? Or should I hire somebody to do it for me?

I always tell my friends and clients that you have to consider your business, audience, and target goal. If you haven’t set this yet, you can check and follow my tips here.

Ask these questions to get an idea of what you should do:

  1. Are you self-employed? 
  2. Do you have an assistant to help you with your business? 
  3. Do you sell products? or do you offer services?
  4. Do you have patience?
  5. What is your goal for creating your website?
  6. Do you have a fair knowledge of designs and graphic skills?
  7. Again, the most important question of all, do you have time?

Being a young entrepreneur, and having knowledge in building websites, I am always tempted to do everything by myself. There is nothing wrong with doing everything by yourself. But no man is an island. So if I were to answer the questions above, this is how I will answer them.

For example, I do blogging on the side while working at webworkdigitalmarketing.com. I am sort of self-employed. I don’t have an assistant to help me write my blog or do other services for me. I offer services and occasionally sell digital merchandise. I think I have enough patience to tweak everything. My goal is to share business hacks, social media, tips & tricks, and life. I want a simple website that can show my personality. I also want to offer my services to people who need my assistance. I love designing and building a website. That is what I do for a living! However, I don’t have much time to do everything! I want to put more work into what I am passionate about, which is helping businesses.

My decision was to build my own simple website.

I hope these questions can help you to make a decision. You can check the services I offer by clicking here.

If you are making your own, where should you start?

So you have decided to build your own website? Great! Let’s get started. I am using WordPress for most of the sites that I have created. All you need to do is buy a plan. Since this site is meant for a blog, I only need the premium plan. Choose the theme that you prefer. And start editing and moving blocks.

Tips: Make sure to consider your brand when choosing the feel and look of your site.

Get started with WordPress, click here!

What do you need to prepare for your website?

If you are my client, I would ask you to prepare the following:

  1. Design Overview
  2. Graphics 
  3. Raw or edited photos
  4. Website content
  5. Features or add-ons

Design Overview

WordPress has available themes that you can choose from, but you need to have set colors and the look you want to portray.


You can use Canva to create the graphics that you need. 

Here’s a tip: Be sure to make similar media colors or textures to create the right aesthetic feels.

Raw or edited photos

This is not the same as the graphics, well… almost, but you’ll need your own photos to present your services or products accurately. 

Website content

Most of the time, my clients don’t have the patience to fill out every part of the site. Content is crucial to make your site memorable, and informative as much as possible. It is your company that they’re looking at, so it has to represent you with the right words, graphics, and content.

Consider hiring a professional to represent your company professionally. You can either hire me or go to Fiverr and looking for a content writer. You can also check my blog about content writing click here.

Feature or add-ons

Now, this is another reason why my client just leaves everything to me. They want to add features that make their website more engaging to drive traffic and create more sales.

This could be as simple as showing a countdown timer for a coupon. 

Of course, you can use a plug-in to add features. The thing tho, you have to do all the research, test, and compatibility of the plug-ins with your theme. And if you don’t know how it works, you might even mess up your entire site.

Good luck! If you need my service, contact me here.

As always!

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