Recycling Leftovers

I used to throw so much food and not feel guilty about it. But now, I hate wasting food because I have learned how difficult it is to grow food. When I was younger, I used to buy so many groceries and stack them in my fridge. I thought it was better to have groceries just in case I have to prepare something for myself or my visitors. I will completely ignore my groceries and order uber eats due to my busy schedule. I end up throwing them and wasting my money and time.

I said to myself that I have to change this form of habit and make efforts to lessen my food waste. And so I have tried growing my food. At first, I was frustrated. After all, I thought I didn’t have a green thumb because everything was dying. But, I kept planting until I was successful with growing my food. It was easy and difficult to grow food at the same time. It took me a few months before getting into the cycle of growing food here in Canada.

To take it to the next level, I started creating a weekly meal plan, but I would still get leftovers, so what should I do with food leftovers? You might be thinking that I am a good cook, I am not. I started googling leftover recipes and tried to familiarize myself with the taste of the herbs to make them tasty.

Here are some of the strategies that I use to recycle leftovers:

  1. If the food has a soup – I would either reheat it or pair it with fried food.
  2. If the food has a sauce – I would try to make fried rice out of it or make pasta with it or use it with pita bread.
  3. If the food is dry – I would make a soup or add sauce to the recipe.

The options are unlimited all you need to do is an experiment!

Always remember Growing food takes time and effort. Your food waste can be avoided by buying only what you can consume, making a meal plan and sticking to it. Be innovative and try to reinvent your recipe.

Did you know that 58% of food produced are waste in Canada? learn more



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