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Starting a business and how to register your business?

“It doesn’t need to be complicated. Thinking of ways to earn money shouldn’t start without the idea of a business.” -lovekeiko Need help?Starting a business can be overwhelming. I have built small businesses since I can remember. Most of us started from a hobby, some from an idea and some are through partnerships and investments.…

Recycling Leftovers

I used to throw so much food and not feel guilty about it. But now, I hate wasting food because I have learned how difficult it is to grow food. When I was younger, I used to buy so many groceries and stack them in my fridge. I thought it was better to have groceries…

Taking care of your skin

When should you start taking care of your skin? I am the type of person that doesn’t go to clinics to do face mask or lifting (yet). It’s not that I don’t like it, but I’m just not wired to do it. Also, when I was young I had a bad experience during my session.…

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